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Over the last 10 years, Alistair Powell has established himself as singularly skilled at sales, marketing, and management in the real estate industry.
Dynamic and insightful, Alistair Powell’s talent for team and relationship building, as well as his outstanding professionalism, have seen him succeed in both the United Kingdom and around the globe. Alistair Powell accepted a position in one of the world’s best real estate companies dealing with some of the world’s most discerning clientele.
Trustworthy and driven, Alistair Powell has earned the gratitude of his many high-profile clients, who testify to his integrity and almost uncanny ability to close the most difficult deals.
Alistair Powell began his career as a Sales Associate with Mays Luxury Estates in Dorset. From 2000 to 2001, Alistair Powell quickly distinguished himself by selling a property topping the area record. From Mays Luxury Estates, Alistair Powell became a Sales Manager at Hamptons International in London. His accomplishments in that role included cumulative sales of £122 million. He was also the youngest Sales Manager in the company’s history. For three years, Alistair Powell led Seven Continent Investment Ltd (7CI) as the company’s Chief Executive, and handled properties of all kinds around the world; during that time, he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition, Alistair Powell excelled in sales, marketing, and management in the software development industry.
Alistair Powell graduated from King Edwards School in Birmingham, Great Britain, and studied geography, math, and economics at the Canford School in Wimborne, Great Britain. Dedicated to the advancement of his profession, Alistair Powell participates in a variety of professional real estate bodies around the world.

“A+++ – He was patient, professional and above all asked the right questions! great real estate agent. Came here not knowing what I was looking for and Alistair Powell helped me so much.”

“Very polite, focused and quietly efficient , everything we expected. A breath of fresh air in South Florida.”

“You offered outstanding service and enthusiasm.  I appreciate all your help.”

“Alistair has gone way beyond what I have learnt to expect from a Realtor in Miami. He has helped us so much and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is looking for a great Realtor….”

Alistair Powell – best Realtor in Florida with global experience

Prominent international real estate agent Alistair Powell travelled to the United States in 2009. That year, Alistair Powell accepted a position as a Sales and Marketing Director for High Cloud Media, while simultaneously studying for his international realtors license. Drawing on more than a decade of direct sales experience and his capacity for innovative marketing, Alistair Powell assisted High Cloud Media LLC in achieving market saturation with its social networking applications.
Most recently, Alistair Powell accepted a position at one of the world’s most prestigious real estate companies selling international properties to the most demanding and discerning clients. Alistair Powell’s many achievements in his current role have come as a result of his drive and his uncompromising integrity.
Other highlights of Alistair Powell’s professional background include his service to Hamptons International in London. From 2001 to 2005, Alistair Powell accrued £122 million in property sales and referred the greatest amount of business within the company. At the age of 21, Alistair Powell was the youngest sales manager in the history of Hamptons International. From 2006 to 2009, Alistair Powell was the Chief Executive Officer of Seven Continent Investment in London. For his incredibly effective leadership and market insight at Seven Continent Investment, Alistair Powell was named Young Guns Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Runner Up.
Alistair Powell participates actively in a large variety of professional bodies and it highly demanded by the international media for information and comments on a variety of issues. Alistair Powell was educated at King Edwards School in Birmingham, Great Britain, and at the Canford School in Wimborne, Great Britain.

About Alistair Powell

Alistair Powell has spent more than a decade in the international real estate industry and sold hundreds of millions of dollars to an elite global clientele. Moreover, Alistair Powell possesses hands-on experience with newly emerging companies and luxury firms around the world. In all his endeavors, Alistair Powell employs his trademark enthusiasm, business acumen, and strong interpersonal skills. In recent years, Alistair Powell has been a Sales and Marketing Manager at Seven Continent Investment Ltd, where he played a vital role in establishing the company in the international marketplace. Alistair Powell sold a wide array of properties, from single units in the Philippines to entire apartment buildings in Dubai. He also forged excellent client relationships with celebrities and royalty. Alistair Powell spent four years at Hamptons International beginning when he was just 21, and he laid a sturdy foundation for his future career by selling £122 million in properties, as well as by referring more business than any other employee. Alistair Powell has also worked at Douglas & Gordon Ltd. in London and worked as a Sales and Marketing Director at High Cloud Media. From 1993 to 1998, Alistair Powell studied at King Edwards School. He attended Canford School from 1998 to 2000. Currently, Alistair Powell works for one of the most prestigious realty companies in the world dealing with multi-million dollar waterfront properties in South Florida, and in other elite locales. Intensely passionate about his work, Alistair Powell has become known for his ability to close deals that seemed impossible as well as for his integrity.

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