About Alistair Powell

Alistair Powell has spent more than a decade in the international real estate industry and sold hundreds of millions of dollars to an elite global clientele. Moreover, Alistair Powell possesses hands-on experience with newly emerging companies and luxury firms around the world. In all his endeavors, Alistair Powell employs his trademark enthusiasm, business acumen, and strong interpersonal skills. In recent years, Alistair Powell has been a Sales and Marketing Manager at Seven Continent Investment Ltd, where he played a vital role in establishing the company in the international marketplace. Alistair Powell sold a wide array of properties, from single units in the Philippines to entire apartment buildings in Dubai. He also forged excellent client relationships with celebrities and royalty. Alistair Powell spent four years at Hamptons International beginning when he was just 21, and he laid a sturdy foundation for his future career by selling £122 million in properties, as well as by referring more business than any other employee. Alistair Powell has also worked at Douglas & Gordon Ltd. in London and worked as a Sales and Marketing Director at High Cloud Media. From 1993 to 1998, Alistair Powell studied at King Edwards School. He attended Canford School from 1998 to 2000. Currently, Alistair Powell works for one of the most prestigious realty companies in the world dealing with multi-million dollar waterfront properties in South Florida, and in other elite locales. Intensely passionate about his work, Alistair Powell has become known for his ability to close deals that seemed impossible as well as for his integrity.


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